Information for all guests regarding COVID 19

Dear guests and friends, in times of COVID-19 pandemic the health of our guests and
our staff is the main priority. For your safety and security and to comply with the last
government restrictions and advices, we are making some changes in terms and
conditions. We keep in touch with the government officials and will make further more
changes, according to the actual pandemic situation.

  •  When you enter the hotel lobby, please use disinfectant from the convenient
    placed dispensers.
  •  There is a safety glass installation at the reception, for the guests and the
    employees safety.
  •  Using a face mask is mandatory only at the lobby and the reception of the hotel.
    There is no need to wear a mask in the other hotel facilities (SPA area, restaurant
  •  Please keep safety distance from at least 1.5 m, when you check in the hotel.
  •  Please use the elevator one by one or only one family at a time.
  •  During their stay the guests will have the chance to use, all the pools and SPA
    facilities only if they comply with the rules and regulations.
    In this hard times, we will make everything possible for your safety and well-being, please let that be mutual. Be responsible persons, follow the rules and regulations and be safe and healthy. We are all together in this pandemic.

Best regards
Mantar Resort & SPA Team